Updated application Sberbank Online

New design, additional functions, more intuitive control – all this in the new Sberbank application.

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And although I myself do not really like Sberbank, I have great respect for all the innovations that they introduce (except perhaps for joining Viber).

This is because for many acquaintance with the banking system begins with this particular bank, therefore, the easier it is to work with it, the more likely the client will use banking services and improve his financial literacy. Plus, for most elderly people, their pension comes to their Sberbank card or savings account attached to the card, so in order for your moms and dads not to stand in lines, I strongly recommend teaching them how to use this application.

The main innovation of the application is the transition to Material Design and a complete change in appearance. In my opinion, the design became too colorful, I liked the old design more. On the main screen now, in addition to your accounts and deposits, the 'finance' tab is also available, it displays all expenses / income for the month and, very importantly, the number of 'Thank you' bonuses, which previously required a separate application to view.

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The program uses horizontal swipes, with which you can switch between tabs. For example, the second tab is 'payments', here you can pay for the phone, internet or transfer money to friends / relatives.

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The third tab is the payment history, which displays all your transactions in chronological order. When you click on a payment made via Internet Banking, you can view detailed information about it, save it to templates or post it again.

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In the 'rates' you can see the current rates of currencies and precious metals, as well as buy / sell any of them.


The last tab is 'on the map', which displays all branches and ATMs located near you. Yandex.Maps are used as maps, which, in my opinion, is a plus due to better detail.

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In general, despite the slightly cartoonish, in my opinion, design, the application update came out well, I think users will be satisfied. Speaking of users, what do you say, Sberbank customers, do you like the updated Sberbank Online or not?

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